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The Layout Before Work Started Grading/Site Work Foundation Work Framing/Roofing Work HVAC Work Interior Work Flooring Work Exterior Work
From this view you would see the garage door--About where the little pine tree is on the left is where the corner of the building will be.
Almost the whole house @15 feet from property line.
As far as the things that will change the most the soonest--This view will show those things that will change.  Plant in middle of yard,  wall,  steps and stoop,  rocks,  plants around rocks and wall,  chiminea.
Such a nice group of lines,  I wish it was that easy to make the garage,  but these lines are just where it is going to go.
Older pictures I scavenged from another of my websites.   Middle of neighbor's yard looking toward future garage.
This would be taken from right near the middle of the garage door looking towards the street.

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