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The Layout Before Work Started Grading/Site Work Foundation Work Framing/Roofing Work HVAC Work Interior Work Flooring Work Exterior Work
Rear wall half covered with Tyvek,  windows are installed.  These were 8 foot rolls of Tyvek Home Wrap covering.
Rear corner half covered with 8 foot rolls of Tyvek Home Wrap.
View from the deck.   Deck is 4 foot X 24 foot.  It is cantilevered 4 feet over the laminated beam for the garage door opening.  2 X 10's support the deck every 16".
View of roof board on the long side.  This is 12/12 pitch roofing.  I do not care to walk on it much.  I really don't care to use a ladder for the gutters either, but it is better than walking on the roof.
All the framing is done and the deck is built.  Architectural shingles are being applied to the roof. This was constructed in the beginning of the 2007 drought around Atlanta,  so we got lucky with no rain to screw up lots of OSB for flooring,  roofing, and sheathing.

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