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01.19.2008---I have been working on the garage and upstairs but not updating the site lately.  Made much progress,  but not near as much as I would like.   Still doing some wiring,  barely started on the plumbing for upstairs.  Covered all the floor upstairs except for the bathroom.   Lots of hardwood was laid.  Glad that part is done.  Only managed to damage my toe twice with the flooring nailer hammer..  Second time I hit my toe was maybe two months ago,  it is still blue.   Found an HVAC contractor to permit and install the systems in the garage and upstairs space.  Good guy to work with and good work he does at a very reasonable rate.  Went with the Ruud heat pump system and a 24000 BTU Bon Aire split system for the garage.   I have until the 20th of February to have some inspections done before my permit expires.  I know for sure I will have the rough electrical done before then,  but the plumbing will be a different story.  I have lots to do with the plumbing upstairs.  Been working on the shower stall lately.   Covering it with Hardie Board,  and then later it will be tiled.   That is enough text for now.  There will be lots of new pictures and I added a couple of new pages----HVAC and Flooring.

06.10.2007---Been wiring up stuff for a while now.  It goes slowly for sure.  Had to go and buy a window ac unit for my bedroom.  Main part of house still does not have the central ac/heat replaced.  Window unit is ok,  $53.00 at Sears--was on Sale/Clearance.   All the lights on the large side of the garage are up and in place.  Most of the boxes have been set where the framing work is done and final.  The upstairs part still needs some framing work to be done to make the bathroom,  hallway,  and closet spaces.   Once that is done,  the wiring will be done for the upstairs part.  I should have the entire lower part of the structure wired up and ready for the rough in inspection within a week.   Plumbing the upstairs part will not be fun.  But it will be nice to see the room and plan it out.

05.20.2007---Been a busy fool painting the house and parts of the garage.  I hired someone to spray the majority of the high up spaces.  Too high for me to be on a rickety metal ladder.   Gutters were installed on both the garage and the house this past week.  They should keep the water away from the house.  I am so anal I am painting everything to match....mailbox post and the shed behind the house.  As if I need any more storage.  Too much of a pain in the ass to make it go away, so it can stay there and hold yard tools as soon as all the car parts are out of it.   Grass is not doing so well because it is so dry.  Draining the fish pond and watering the grass with that water.   Outside of the garage and the house is nearly complete.  The few remaining things that I will do to the outside will be finish painting the shed elephant grey and exterior lighting....The house needs new flood lights on the outside and the garage needs some floods and regular doorway lights.  I will have to buy some I guess.

04.22.2007---Been a while since I last updated the page.  I have heard about my lax updating on multiple occasions.  So I will spend some time here updating the page.   Driveway was poured and turned out fantastic.  Exterior work on the building is nearly complete--Needs caulking,  painting, gutters,  and lighting.   I have been a busy boy lately.  Most of my work has been minimal compared to the other work,  but it has bee time consuming for me anyway.  I got my homeowner's electrical and plumbing permits from the county after several visits.  They close at 4.  What lamers.   So I have a temporary sink and a couple of permanent hose for the outside and one for the inside.  Just in case I feel the need to wash the car when it is raining or something.   Most of my work lately has been outside work when it is daytime and inside work at night---at least until it starts getting late and I must stop with the noise.  The outside work has been rearranging the good grass around the yard/driveway and scraping,  sanding,  and priming the existing house's facia boards to prepare them for gutters.   They were nasty and still are even after all that work.  Should have replaced them,  but it is too late now.  Tomorrow I should finish priming them and then maybe paint them a nice solid white color.  Gutters will probably be white too.  Garage and house will be "elephant gray".  Heh.  It sort of is an elephant.   I have also been caulking the inside and outside in the places where I can reach.  This evening I did some parts of the deck area and the bathroom/closet section on the roof upstairs.  Still not done,  need the ladder up there to get to the high spots.   Maybe tomorrow I will also prime and paint some parts of the garage that I can reach.  I will probably hire someone to paint the majority of it,  but I want to do as much of it that I can first.   That is enough for now,  my hot dogs are getting cold.

04.02.2007---Driveway is formed.  Big Blue Trash can was picked up today and hauled away.  Car tent was moved.  Lots was done.  The exterior portion of the project is nearly finished.  Cars will have their home within a week or so.  Yellow car may not make it inside for a little longer,  but that involves racing fuel and the fact that I do not have any right now.   It may be an urge to push it into it's new home,  but I would much rather it roar into it's new home.  I am sure it will in a few weeks.  It will roar again in a few weeks.


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