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The Layout Before Work Started Grading/Site Work Foundation Work Framing/Roofing Work HVAC Work Interior Work Flooring Work Exterior Work
@trashcan will be the back corner--36' from corner of house.
Garage door will be @ here.
These vertical plants will need to go away,  as well as the rocks.  There are more rocks in the ground if I do remember correctly.
The long string on the right will be the 46' wall.  It is right at the 40' rear building setback as defined by DeKalb County.  Attached structures cannot exceed 40' from the rear property line.   Detached can be 10' from the rear and sides,  but cannot exceed 900 square feet in total. There is a 10' side setback for all vertical structures as well.
House as it is seen from the other side of the street.  Lot size is 80' X 150'.  Roof of garage will probably be seen from here at 1.5 stories with a 12/12 pitch roof.  It is beginning to feel more and more like a new house is being built rather than just a garage.  Heh.

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