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03.31.2007---Exterior is nearly done.  Lots of little things are left to be done.  Gutters,  paint,  cleaning.  Nothing too major.  Roof is done,  exterior siding is done,  fascia board is done,  garage door is installed.    Driveway should be poured within the next week.   I have been busy with cleaning up the upstairs part.   Cleaned all the debris out and lined the floor with tar paper.  I will probably start laying in the wood floor soon.  It is something that I can do pretty easily,  if not time consuming.  I would rather go ahead and get the big room floor covered in hard wood before I do anything else of any consequence.   It is easier to lay the floor without wall coverings.   It just won't be a finished floor until after the walls are insulated and painted.   If I need to built walls later on,  they can go on top of the hard wood flooring.  Earlier today I cut some more branches,  threw away the silt fence,  picked up debris from around the yard,  installed some door knobs, assembled a new wheel barrow after I destroyed the other one with large rocks.  I had a pretty busy day for the most part.   The days will only get busier in the future I am afraid.   Lots and lots and lots to do.   Yesterday the garage door and opener was installed.  It opens and closes as expected.   I will have to give it some power soon.   It has only been tested a few times with an extension cord.   The disassembled car was pushed into the garage by the builder and myself.   The christening of the garage was actually done with the Bobcat....since it both ran under it's own power into the garage and leaked some goo onto the floor.   Disassembled car does not contain any goo to leak.   Maybe tomorrow I will move some of the car parts inside the garage since I have plenty of space now for car parts.  Need to move all those fluorescent lights too.

03.28.2008---I have finished my sub floor project for the connecting room to the house.  It is nice and flat and covered with tar paper.  Yay.   Big blue trash can will go away soon,  so it will need to be filled with all the stuff behind the garage that I can put in there.   All of the small windows were installed over the past few days.  Roofers came back and did a little more until they ran out of material again.   The deck was built.  It is not going anywhere.   The siding was  started yesterday,  It should not be too long before it is done.  Hell,  it will not be too long before the whole exterior is done.  Not much left to do really.

03.26.2007---I have been a busy boy the past few days.  Digging trenches,  laying pipes for the gutters,  building the sub floor for the connecting roof to the house.  I am tired.  Gutter drain work is mostly done,  I will figure something out for the outflow pipe behind the garage.  Just needs to go a little further into the wilderness. Not too much left for the floor.  Just cut the plywood into the right sizes/shapes.   I made sure to put a bunch of wood under the center of the spiral staircase to support the stair pole.  That was something I thought about almost too late.  I made it happen though.   El Camino made it's way onto the dirt to deliver some wood stuff.  It is a trusty old monster and is worth of living indoors from now on.

03.23.2007---Today the majority of the framing was finished,  the outside was sheathed,  and shingles were put on until there were no more shingles.   Tyvek was wrapped around the lower half of most of the building.   What remains to be done in the framing portion of the project is the upstairs supporting wall for the roof and the sheathing of the gable over the garage door.  More shingles should arrive on Monday to complete the roof.  It is entirely possible that the garage will be finished exterior wise within the next week.  Give it a few more days after that for the driveway to be poured.  Garage should have it's first car visitor in a few days....The disassembled 69 camaro will be the first car guest I believe.  Maybe the El Camino will follow it shortly thereafter.

03.22.2007---Looks like more sheathing was put on today,  as well as the rest of the roof sheathing.   It should not be too long before it is covered in felt paper and shingled.  They delivered the shingles today too.   Garage should be wrapped in Tyvek in the next couple of days as well.   I have nearly finished my gutter drain project,  set about 1/3 of it in place and buried it with dirt.  It did flow some water.  I will need to get some more pipes tomorrow.

03.21.2007---Not too many workers have been here the past couple of days.  Some noticeable changes have been made though and can be seen in the framing day seven pictures.   I have been digging and planning my underground drain pipe network.  It should flow some water away from the fish pond and around the side of the new building pretty well.

03.18.2007---I spent most of the day cleaning up and throwing things away.  Yard is pretty much fixed in the front as far as I can go with it right now.   I ended up moving all of the wood piles from the front of the house and the neighbor's yard to the inside of the garage.   A few of the framers showed up today and put some of the sheathing on the roof.   It is now mostly covered.   They will be back again on Thursday to finish the framing/sheathing.   Since they have not covered the 36 foot long wall yet, I asked them to cut in another window there.  It is a long length of wall without a window,  and should make that section have it's own light source when applicable.   I also told them of the upstairs gable holes.  Another 6 foot opening for a inward swing style door on the gable above the garage door,  and either a single window at the opposite gable or a double.  Either one is fine with me.   The gable that will terminate over the house should have a window as well.  I do not think it will be too weird.   When I was up there yesterday,  I noticed that the water deflection roof section that will be added to the existing house roof to tie them together will not need to go to the peak of the existing house roof.   Too many obstacles in the way---existing house ventilator and plumbing vents.  Some cannot be avoided and must have extensions for the vents.   There was an excess of 7/16" 4 X 8 sheathing that was dropped off.   At least 120 sheets too many are here.  The framer asked if I was going to use that as flooring.  I checked the plans and they call for 3/4" 4 X 8 tongue and groove for the floor upstairs.  They seemed pissed that there was not a floor.   I figured that only 48 sheets of plywood are needed to cover the floor upstairs.  Not much else is expected to be done until Thursday.   Maybe tomorrow I will dig the places out where the garage drain will connect to the house gutter drains.  I still need to go to Lowe's to return some pipe pieces for different pipe pieces for the drainage.


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