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The Layout Before Work Started Grading/Site Work Foundation Work Framing/Roofing Work HVAC Work Interior Work Flooring Work Exterior Work
Brick wall, steps and cinder block stoop will need to go away.  AC will need to be relocated to the side of the house or behind the garage....behind the garage may be better if possible.  That may also be the perfect spot to put a natural gas powered generator.  Ah, a nice Kohler 12-18KW generator to keep the fun flowing when the grid power is off.  A boy can dream.
Silt fencing installed around the perimeter of the destruction zone.  Gotta be nice in our construction even if there is little chance of any run off.
Wall will be close to the edge of the fish pond,  but the two fish in there should survive.
A wider angle view of where it will be built at.
Back of house before destruction begins.

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